Additional Services

Cleaning & Maintenance Services

We have all heard that moving can be a stressful time, but with the right preparation this doesn’t have to be the case. We can offer you additional services to help make the process as easy as possible. These can be done on the day, or at a time to suit you. 

Home & Office Cleaning

You will want to leave your property clean, and also move into a clean home. Moving day is usually very busy, especially if you have to be out of your property for lunch time. In order to save you time we can clean the property you are leaving while the items are being moved out, and we will also clean the property you are going into. We provide weekly home and office cleaning,  so you can still use our services after moving day as well.

Dismantling Furniture & Handyman Service

Our experienced joiner is on hand to dismantle and rebuild your beds and wardrobes as required. He is also able to tackle more difficult items such as cabin beds and jungle gyms. We can also arrange for maintenance to be carried out in your new home from hanging pictures, installing TV brackets and shelves, to full renovations. Our Handyman Service is available all year round.

Lock Changing

You do not know who may still have a key to your new home or office, whether it is the previous owners, a neighbour, or even the dog walker. It is therefore essential that you change the locks. We can do this for you either on the day of the move, or at a time to suit you once you have fully moved in. We can also offer a security assessment of your home.

Flat Pack Building

Building flat pack furniture can be a test of your patience, and sometimes your relationship! Save the hassle (and the arguments) and let our professional joiner build this for you. After all he has the missing screws and the power tools that make life easier.


Decided that you want to de-clutter before you depart? Again that’s no problem as we can provide a de-cluttering service to help you free up space and dispose of items no longer required. We can also remove your old furniture and white goods and take them to the local recycling centre or charity shop for you.